5 or 6-day husky tour

There is so much wilderness waiting to be explored in the valleys of Råneå, Bjurå en Vitå. White forests, frozen lakes and swamps, flowing rivers and mountains with beautiful views! Together with your dogteam you will see it all during this adventure! 

5 or 6 days
Start time day 1: 10:00
End time day 5 or 6: 16:00

We are very flexible to adjust the length of the tour or start or end the tour at another time. Please contact us with your wishes.

Tour Plan

  • 10:00 – Arrival at Yellow Snow Husky Tours.
  • Gear up in warm clothes.
  • Safety-instruction: You will meet the stars of the kennel, our huskies. The guide will give you information about the dogs and the tour. After that he will explain to you how to drive the sled.
  • Prepare the dogs: Together we will prepare the dogs for the tour. You will take care of your own dogteam!
  • Dogsled tour: Off we go on a beautiful tour, we will be out for the whole day and we cover 30-40 km through a white landscape. Half-way we have a break where we give the dogs a well deserved snack. The guide will make a nice home-made lunch over a fire and answers all your questions. During the tour there is plenty of time for short breaks to make pictures, cuddle with the dogs and learn more about the nature around us.
  • Arrival at the cabin: First we thank the dogs and prepare them for the night. After that we heat up the cabin, get water and have some time to relax before diner. After a delicious dinner we will feed the dogs together. If there is a sauna we will heat it up. We have a cozy evening at the cabin, hopefully we see some northern lights!
  • Morning routine at the cabin: It’s time for a tasty breakfast for the dogs and for us. We clean up the cabin and make ourselves ready.
  • Dogsled tour day 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 (+6): We hook up the dogs in front of the sleds and after an exciting start we can enjoy another adventurous day in nature. We have a full day of dogsledding including lunch ahead of us. Every day that you stand on the sled you get better at driving and steering. We will take a nice route to another cabin every day. Some of the trails are more difficult, because we have to get over higher hills towards the next valley. If you feel adventurous we can go on a snowshoe walk one of the evenings. The last day we steer the dogs back towards the kennel. By now you feel like a professional on the runners behind your own team of dogs.
  • Return at the kennel: After the tour we thank the dogs for the amazing job they have done and bring them back to their kennel. During these days you created a bond with your own dog team, it will not be easy to say goodbye.
  • End of the tour: You return the gear you borrowed from us and we will have a hot chocolate in our home to warm up again. After that it is already time to leave. But you will go home with life-long memories and you are always welcome back for more adventures! 


  • A private tour, with just your group!
  • A professional guide who speaks English, Dutch, German and Swedish
  • Your own sled with 4-5 dogs 
  • Full board from lunch the first day to lunch the last day (outdoor lunch, two-course dinner, breakfast)
  • Overnights in cozy wilderness cabins or a big tent (shared accommodation) 
  • Warm clothes and other gear. Overall, boots, hat, mittens, headlamp 
  • Sleeping bag and liner

Not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Transfer to/from our kennel

You will drive your own dog-team all by yourself, 1 person per sled!

No previous dog sledding experience is needed. For safety-reasons we have set a minimum age of 14 years to join this tour.

Because you are driving your own sled, we do require some basic fitness level. You need to be able to help the dogs by pushing the sled and running along with it.

We are on a private tour, so it is possible to adjust the tour a little bit. If you want to take it more easy, we can for example take extra breaks and on some days it is possible to take a shorter route. On other days we can’t shorten the routes, which can make it quite challenging depending on snowfall. Let us know if you are in doubt.

The Cabins

We will sleep in different wilderness cabins or a big tent. They have a few things in common:

  • They are in the middle of nature
  • They are basic but comfortable
  • They are cozy and authentic
  • They are warm or can be warmed up well, so you will not be cold

The tent and some of the cabins have no electricity or running water. We warm it up with a fire, get water from a well or river and use candles to have light. Sometimes there is a sauna available as well. One of the cabins is more like a cozy holiday house with a bit more luxury. It is already warmed up when we arrive and even has a small shower.

It is possible that you have your own bedroom, but mostly we will sleep together in the same room. The dogs sleep outside on a warm straw-bed, although we can take one inside for a cuddle. 

We book the cabins in advance and choose the cabin ourselves depending on availability, trails, weather conditions, group size and your preferences. 

We do ask you to be part of the team and help out with the chores. Examples: making a fire, chopping wood, feeding the dogs, getting water, help with making the dinner, doing dishes, etc. These things are part of the adventures and the more you get involved, the greater the experience.

Packing list

We will send you a packing list with your booking.

5 days
21.000 SEK per person

6 days
25.000 SEK per person

* If a single person wants to book this tour we charge 50% extra.

1 February – 31 March

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