Mountain Tour – Explore the Arctic Tundra

If you like a bit more solitude, this tour is highly recommended. With our dogs we explore a less-traveled part of Swedish Lapland for 6 days. We drive mostly above the tree-line and the landscape is stunning! Adventure guaranteed!

7 days, 6 nights
Start time day 1: ca. 10:00
End time day 7: ca. 11.00

Sometimes weather conditions make this tour more challenging, and we need to adapt. Safety comes first, so in extreme conditions we might need to take a less exposed route, turn around to the last cabin, do a shorter distance, or maybe we don’t leave the cabin at all and stay there another night. We aim to do the planned route, but need to stay flexible.
Also, don’t book your flight directly the day after we return. Take an optional day somewhere before you fly home, so if the weather is extremely bad on the last day, we have a possibility to sit it out.

Tour Plan

Day 1 (50 KM):

This tour starts in Övre Soppero, at the house of the Sami Per Nils.
We either pick you up in Kiruna or you took the transfer together with us because you stayed close to the Yellow Snow kennel and already enjoyed a dogsledding tour at our basecamp. We will discuss your options with the booking.

After preparing our equipment and the dogs we are off to a great adventure. We use tracks that the Sami use to go into the mountains. Already quite quickly you see the landscape change. The trees are getting smaller and the mountains that we are heading towards are getting closer. But before we reach the tundra we sleep in a simple cabin in the village Järämä.

Day 2 (40 KM):

Of course we start the day with a good breakfast, both for us and the dogs. We pack our sleds and head north west, over a trail that is not marked and only sparsely used. Now we get above the treeline and we can guarantee that you will be speechless by the views. It’s just white, everywhere you look. Mountain Tsåktso is a distinctive landmark that we pass before we end the tour at a cabin in Gamasjaure.

Day 3 + 4 (optional):

We stay for 3 nights in Gamasjaure, which means that we have 2 days to spend in this beautiful area close to the Norwegian boarder. What we have here is pure nature, surrounded by mountains and a big lake, completely exposed to the elements. We have total freedom to do whatever we feel like, depending on our energy level and the weather. We can go for some short or long dogsledding tours, take a nice snowshoe-hike to one of the hills and enjoy a view from above or maybe you would like to try your luck ice-fishing on the big lake. It’s all up to you!

Day 5 (60 KM):

Today we leave Gamasjaure and drive over a completely different route towards the cabin in Järämä. We first head south and enjoy some speed and great views on nice descents. Then we move east again, over a beautiful tundra landscape. The day is long and most of the time we have to make our own trails. In the end we drive down towards the cabin where we spend another night in the wilderness.

Day 6 (50 KM):

Unfortunately it is the last day on the sled today, but you are probably feeling like a professional right now. We take the same sami-trail to Övre Soppero as on day 1. Quite soon we see small birch trees in the landscape, and shortly after we come past a nature reserve with big old pine-trees. After crossing the Lainio river we reached our end goal in Övre Soppero. Here it’s time for a well deserved sauna! And of course a delicious meal, prepared by Per Nils, who likes to talk about his life as a reindeer herder. Maybe you want to meet and feed his reindeer, and go into the small museum with typical Sami attributes. We enjoy our last night together in this special place.

Day 7:

After the last time giving breakfast to your own dogs it’s time to say goodbye to these amazing animals. They will enjoy going home and have some days rest at the Yellow Snow kennel. We will drive you to Kiruna where we all say goodbye.


  • A private tour, with just your group!
  • A professional guide who speaks English, Dutch, German and Swedish
  • Your own sled with 4-6 dogs 
  • Full board from lunch day 1 to breakfast day 7 (outdoor lunch, 2 course dinner, breakfast)
  • Overnights in cozy wilderness cabins (shared accommodation), 6 nights 
  • Warm clothes and other gear. Overall, boots, hat, mittens, headlamp 
  • Sleeping bag and liner
  • Transfers between Kiruna and the start/end-point of the tour

Not included

  • Travel arrangements from your home to Swedish Lapland. We recommend airport Kiruna.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional: Extra transfers 
  • Optional: Extra night(s) before or after the tour
  • Optional: Extra husky tour 

Self driving – 1 persons per sled
You will drive your own dog-team all by yourself, 1 person per sled!

For most of our tours we can change the program to your wishes and abilities at any time.
This is not the case with a mountain tour. However, with some of our mountain tours we might be able to do a shorter route or take the easier tracks. Just let us know your wishes and we will adjust where possible.

You don’t need any previous dogsledding experience to join a mountain tour with us.
We would prefer having you at the huskyfarm for a day-tour or 2-day tour before we head into the mountains. That way you get used of dogsledding and the routines.

Because you are driving your own sled, you have to have some basic fitness level. It requires that you have good balance and are reasonably fit. In up-hills and heavy snow conditions you have to help your dogs! We are going to the mountains, so the hills can be long. Also you will be physically active outside in the cold for many hours a day.

The program is moderate, but can be challenging. This will depend on the snow and weather conditions during the tour. In the mountains we are totally exposed to the weather, and the weather can change very fast. We can have sunny and easy days, but we can also get heavy snow-storms where we can’t see more than a meter in front of us. In those cases we might need to turn around or pitch a tent. You need to be able to help out and follow instructions, even though these situations might feel quite scary. 

For safety reasons we have set a minimum age of 16 years to join a mountain tour.

You can always contact us with questions.

The Cabin

The wilderness cabins are basic but cozy. Most of them don’t have electricity or running water. We make a fire to get warm, we get water from a well or melt snow and we use candles to see something. We sleep in (bunk)beds in a shared room and the toilet is outside in a separate building.  In some of the cabins there is also a sauna available where you can get a real Swedish experience and wash yourselves. 

We do ask you to be part of the team and help out with the chores. Examples: making a fire, chopping wood, feeding the dogs, getting water, help with making the dinner, doing dishes, etc. These things are part of the adventures and the more you get involved, the greater the experience.

Packing list

We will send you a packing list with your booking.

34.000 SEK per person

* If a single person wants to book this tour we charge 50% extra.

15 March – 30 April

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