In total there are 36 Alaskan huskies in our kennel, 26 males and 10 females.

These dogs are our colleagues, our best friends and our family! We spend a lot of time with them during all seasons.

It is very important to us to give them the best care possible. They live in big and clean kennels, get food of high quality and with the assistance of a good veterinarian we make sure they get all the medical care they need.

We have a balanced and harmonious pack where our dogs feel safe. The dogs are social with each other, friendly towards human and calm and easy to handle when we are out on tours. 

Last but not least these dogs love to work and pull us through the beautiful nature that surrounds us. You will see their extreme joy when we start preparing for a tour.


The Alaskan Husky is not considered a pure breed. The Alaskan Husky is defined only by its purpose, which is that of a highly efficient sled dog. They are built to run!

All Alaskan Huskies look completely different and they all have their own personality. That is because they are a blend of different dog-breeds. However, generally speaking, the Alaskan husky is a very affectionate dog, good with other dogs and very easy to work with; they really have a will to please. 


Here you will find the DOGS IN MEMORY.


MALE / 29-05-2017

This big boy is a charmer and has only goodness in his soul. Sometimes a bit too much, when he comes running at you, not able to slow down his 30 kg body in time! A lot of power that he can use when pulling.


MALE / 24-09-2021

Such a big and beautiful and sensitive young dog, very promising in the lines. So much musclepower, so much energy! He is still young, but we can’t wait to find out his potential. 


MALE / 08-08-2020

Billy stands out in everything. He has the good looks: big, beautifully build  and great fur. He loves people and has the calm and easygoing behaviour within the pack. And on top of that he loves to run and work! 


MALE / 27-07-2018

Biryuk, the bounce ball. He loves playing and jumping around with his roommate and complains when other dogs seem to have more fun than him. But when he is in harness he is very focused on working!


MALE / 30-07-2013

Give Bratt food, belly-rubs and lots of exercise and he is a very happy guy. He can also never sit still, always moving around and waiting to get one of these 3 things. Good thing he was born a sled dog.


MALE / 24-07-2022

He was calm as a puppy, but as a teenager the name Buddha doesn’t suit him so well anymore. He is a big bundle of energy and he doesn’t know yet how to regulate it. Behind this is a very friendly and sweet heart though.


MALE / 29-05-2017

Captain is a big and beautiful guy with a lot of energy! He really likes chasing and fetching balls, or silly time with people in general. Within the pack he is easy going and loves to play and run around with the other dogs.


MALE / 16-08-2019

Catan takes things very easily and calm. As a young dog he didn’t mind riding on the sled, when all his siblings were running next to it. He just makes himself comfortable on our lap and enjoys the ride with cuddles!


MALE / 08-08-2020

Dingo is the silly one of the litter. He loves to play and to pull his kennel mates on the ears and tails. He doesn’t like being chased himself though! He is also very cuddly with people, but first wants to get to know you a bit.


FEMALE / 17-05-2016

Fudge is this kind of dog that you barely notice, which makes her a great sleddog. She is a steady worker and doesn’t make any fuss. She is not the biggest fan of cuddles, but she loves playing with the other dogs.


MALE / 08-05-2023

Big and clumsy, but so friendly and kind. Everest knew from day 1 how to steal our hearts and he always asks for pets from any hand he sees. The only thing he loves more than cuddles is food!


MALE / 26-04-2021

Happy is a energetic and loud guy when it is time to go out. Also in harness he has an extreme working attitude, he just wants to pull and is very impatient when we take a break. A lot of potential for this young guy.


FEMALE / 17-05-2017

Icey is a small but very energetic dog. She is someone that can cheer up the rest of the team if the motivation is lost again, she is always eager to go! She is even more happy to get cuddles.

Jim Beam

MALE / 07-10-2009

Jim is the oldest dog in our pack and he is fully retired. He really loves coming inside and spending time on the sofa every night! Even though he is sensitive, he also tries to be a ‘big’ tough guy in the pack.


FEMALE / 24-09-2021

Her big blue eyes are the first thing that you see when you meet Kahlua, but you will probably hear her scream first. Behind these distinctive features is a very lovely and sensitive girl and a great sleddog.


MALE / 26-04-2021

Lucky is a cheeky boy, always up for some playing and chasing and he is there when your hands look for someone to cuddle. He is still young in his head and working is fun, but playing is even more fun!


MALE / 05-01-2018

When Matti is working he loves to give it all! Always focused to go faster, be stronger and if he can’t do that, to be louder and jump higher. He is also a great commando leader, especially when there are no trails.


MALE / 08-02-2017

Mickey is a very handsome white giant, but he is a dog that is different than our other huskies. He is extremely shy towards people and doesn’t need all the love and affection. In the pack Mickey is a really easy going dog.


MALE / 16-08-2019

Mika loves a cuddle and being around human, but he also needs his friends in the kennel to play with! Very focused while running and a great appetite. Just like his dad he is not very patient at the start of a run.


MALE / 16-05-2010

Already half his life Moland has been blind, but that didn’t stop him from being a great sleddog. Now he is retired and enjoys spending his time being cute and cuddling with everyone. 


FEMALE / 08-05-2023

Momo is an adventurous and brave girl. She is the first of her litter to explore new things. Big dogs are still a bit scary though, then she comes hiding with us human and asks for cuddles.


MALE / 10-08-2016

Whatever you say, you get Nuriks attention. He is very focused on us and what is going on around him.  He could use a tiny bit more confidence, also while playing with the other dogs.


MALE / 08-08-2020

Huge, fluffy and a big heart. That is Ozzie! He loves to join on hikes, cuddle in the bed, go on camping trips and pull the sled. He has a very soft character within the pack and has a lot of friends.


MALE / 29-05-2017

Parley is one off the Pirate-boys: just like the others he is always full of energy and very friendly to anyone, dogs and people! He is very driven in the team and has potential to become a great lead dog.


MALE / 29-05-2017

Even though he is one of the big guys, Pirate doesn’t like to show off like the others, except in being a very charming, beautiful and calm dog. He is extremely friendly and loves getting attention from us human.


MALE / 17-03-2015

Rambo is a goofball and if he doesn’t have any play buddies he will find a stick or something else to play with. He is also super easy to handle, a hard worker in the team and he loves cuddles from anyone.


MALE / 16-08-2019

A beautiful dog, lots of fur, energy and potential. Rummy is a very sweet and social guy and a good listener. He likes to be with human and always comes to us to see where we are and how we are doing!


FEMALE / 16-08-2019

A beautiful girl with lots of love to give. She really likes to get cuddles and give kisses to her human friends. Other dogs she likes to chase and tease, especially the young male dogs. 


MALE / 08-05-2023

A sensitive and clever guy. Sherpa really learns fast and we are excited to see if he will become a leader like his name suggests. Now he doesn’t use his ears for listening yet and choses to do as he wants.


FEMALE / 17-03-2015

Spirit is like a shadow, following human wherever they go, especially to the sofa.. Because of her easy going character and great working mentality we choose her as the mother of our Games-litter.


FEMALE / 27-07-2018

Susi was born the smallest of our Wolves litter and she stayed the tiny one the whole time. Nevertheless she is also the fastest and the one that learns new things very easy. A happy and hard working dog full of energy.


FEMALE / 08-08-2020

A cute and pretty lady, but Sydney is definately no prinsess. She loves to roll in the dirt, chase her brothers around and lick your face. Next to that she learns fast and enjoys the running in harness.


FEMALE / 16-08-2013

Toni joined us as a puppy and never left our side. Except for some chasing trips… She sure loves to hunt and her nose is looking for tracks all the time. Nevertheless she is one of our best commando leaders.


MALE / 16-08-2019

Twister got this name because he was unable to sit still and very jumpy. He wants to be close to you and craves attention but at the same time he wants to move around. Very sweet and hardworking dog!


FEMALE / 27-07-2018

Waya is a careful but very playful dog. Every first time (running, meeting new people or places, ..) is a big adventure for her that she doesn’t take too easy. But as soon as she is used to it, she loves to give it all.


MALE / 08-05-2023

A playfull and wild puppy, Yeti he wants to join all the fun of chasing, exploring and running around. After all the playtime he calms down and wants us to cuddle him and rub his belly.