1. December – 30. April

In winter the dogs and I are able to do what we love most and we would like to share our passion with you!

Experience the fascination of dog sledding. Travel through a white wonderland and witness the strength and the joy of the huskies. We will follow trails through beautiful forests and over frozen lakes. During the tour we will tell you everything we know about sled dogs, wildlife and the nature around us.

We offer all kind of experiences: short tours, longer trips with outdoor lunch, multi-day adventures and long expeditions in the mountains.

A dog sledding tour with us will be an adventure you will never forget!


All our tours are private, you share this experience just with your partner, friend(s) or family. 
At any moment we can change the program to your wishes and have a very personal day out!

Enjoy looking through the tours and please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

More information about transfers can be found here.


To enjoy your trip even more, it is necessary that you stay warm in the Arctic winter. 

Our recommendation:

Half day husky tour

A few hours outside to experience the fascination of dogsledding! You can drive your own team of sled dogs or you can sit comfortably on the guide-sled.

Lunch Husky tour

Steer your own sled through a beautiful white landscape or enjoy the scenery and power of the dogs sitting on the sled. Half-way we stop for a tasty outdoor lunch.

Full day husky tour

An active full-day of dogsledding! Drive your own dogteam through snow covered forests and over frozen lakes. Half-way we will have a nice lunch over a campfire. Enjoy the pure silence of Lapland!

Husky Snowshoe walk

With snowshoes we can walk more easily through the deep snow. And what is better than to share this experience with human’s best friend. If you want you can get a belly-belt and your ‘own’ husky.

Dogsledding + Snowshow walk

Enjoy a dogsledding adventure through winter wonderland in the morning. After a warm lunch inside we take some happy dogs out for a snowshoe walk.

2-day husky tour

Learn everything about dog sledding in this two-day adventure. Plenty of time for cuddling and taking pictures during two magic days out on the trail. Get close to nature and sleep in a cabin.

3 or 4-day husky tour

Back to basic for 3 or 4 full days! Drive your own husky team and get to know ‘your’ dogs during sledding, feeding and cuddling. We will sleep in basic but comfortable wilderness cabins.

5 or 6-day husky tour

There is so much wilderness waiting to be explored. White forests, frozen lakes and swamps, flowing rivers and mountains with beautiful views! You will see it all during this adventure!

3 or 4-day special
Arctic Circle husky tour

This tour is mainly for our returning guests. We travel on some different trails and head north. The goal of this dogsledding adventure will be the Arctic Circle, where someone will pick us up. 

3 or 4-day special
Cabin Life

By dogsled we travel to an authentic logcabin. This will be our comfortable basecamp for the coming days. From here we explore the beautiful area. Of course we do this together with the huskies.


Are you up for an adventure? Join a husky tour with us in the Swedish mountains5 to 10 days of dogsledding, beautiful scenery, cabin life, completely exposed to the elements and teamspirit. We will experience this and so much more!

The mountain tours are more demanding than our regular tours. Therefore you have to be fit, because the hills can be long and the weather can be very rough. Preferably you already have been on a husky safari before.

We have some tour examples, wich we can also adjust to your wishes.

Laponia Area
  –  Here are the biggest national parks of Sweden situated. It is a very diverse area with parts that are a bit lower and less exposed, but still with a beautiful mountain feeling. This area is situated west of Jokkmokk. 

Kebnekaise Area  –  You find Sweden’s highest mountain here. It is a rough but breathtaking area, high mountains, very exposed to wind and in general there are more other travelers. This area is situated west of Kiruna.


Mountain Tour
Laponia Adventure

We head over to the mountains of the Laponia World Heritage site, and drive dogs on the King’s Trail between Sweden’s biggest National Parks. Enjoy the variety of the arctic.

Mountain Tour
Swedens highest peak

With its 2.103 meter, Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain. By dogsled we travel around this top, following the King’s Trail. We promise spectacular views!

Mountain Tour
Panoramic Expedition

Prepare yourself for breathtaking views on this expedition! We go through valleys in between the highest mountains of Sweden and take our time to explore the area.

Dress code

To enjoy your trip even more, it is necessary that you stay warm in the Arctic winter. 

Our recommendation: