Summer Husky Tour

Experience the power and joy of the huskies during an exciting husky tour on wheels! Together you prepare the dogs who all want to join. You sit on the cart that the dogs pull. Fika is included.

2 hours

In summer it could be too warm to train the dogs during the day. Therefore we might best go out in the evenings, we can discuss the best time together with you. It is even possible that we have to decide last minute that we can’t go out at all, the safety of the dogs comes always first. In that case we can reschedule, we go for a hike or you can cancel the tour.

Tour Plan

When you arrive at Yellow Snow Husky Tours we will give you a tour around the kennel. We explain to you how the huskies live and what kind of care we give them. You will meet the sled dogs and get to know more about the breed Alaskan Husky. If you are interested we can talk about our breeding program, training, winter expeditions and lots more. Of course you will get the chance to cuddle with our super friendly huskies and play with the puppies. 

After this we prepare the equipment for the training run. We take out the dogs, put on their harnesses and attach them to the lines. We take 8-10 dogs in front of the training-vehicle and you will join as a passenger. There is a lot of excitement before we leave, but as soon as we go the dogs are 100% concentrated on doing what they do best! 

We will go out for a short 4 km run. When we return the dogs can cool down by a swim in the lake. After that we thank them for their good work and bring them back to their kennel.


  • A fun tour around the husky kennel, meeting the dogs and puppies 
  • An exciting tour with the huskies
  • A professional guide who speaks English and Dutch/German/Swedish
  • Fika

Not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Transfer to/from our kennel

There are no requirements in regard of experience, age and fitness to join this tour with us.

800 SEK per person

* Minimum charge is for 2 persons.

1 June – 30 September

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