Mountain Tour – Panoramic Expedition

Previous Next Prepare yourself for breathtaking views on this expedition! We go through valleys in between the highest mountains of Sweden and take our time to explore the area. The conditions can be demanding but the scenery is your reward. Tour Plan Duration 10 days, 10 nights Tour PlanThis is just an example, we can […]

Mountain Tour – Swedens Highest Peak

Previous Next With its 2.103 meter, Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain. By dogsled we travel around this top, following different valleys and the famous hiking trail: the King’s Trail. We promise spectacular views! Tour Plan Duration 6 days, 6 nights If you like, it is possible to spend more days in this magnificent area. To […]

Mountain Tour – Lakes & Mountains

Previous Next We start the tour on several big lakes, surrounded by mountains. After a few days we will climb higher into these mountains, close to Norway and Sweden’s biggest glacier. We will go through a lot of variety within nature during this trip! Tour Plan Duration 6 days, 5 nights If you would like […]

Mountain Tour – Explore the Arctic Tundra

Previous Next If you like a bit more solitude, this tour is highly recommended. With our dogs we explore a less-traveled part of Swedish Lapland for 6 days. We drive mostly above the tree-line and the landscape is stunning! Adventure guaranteed! Tour Plan Duration 6 days, 6 nights Tour Plan Day 1: Övre Soppero – […]

Mountain Tour – 3 borders Expedition

Previous Next This is the ultimate dogsledding adventure for hard-core mushers. We travel through a true wilderness area, totally depending on ourselves and the dogs. We hope to reach the border between the 3 Nordic countries. Tour Plan Duration 10 days, 10 nights Tour Plan Day 1: Övre Soppero – Järämä (50 KM) This tour […]

Mountain Tour – Laponia Adventure

Previous Next We head over to the mountains of the Laponia World Heritage site, and drive dogs on the King’s Trail between Sweden’s biggest National Parks. Enjoy active days outside, teamspirit with your dogteam and the variety of the arctic. Tour Plan Duration 5 days, 4 nights If you prefer longer daily distances on the […]