Short Tours

Half day husky tour

A few hours outside to experience the fascination of dogsledding! You can drive your own team of sled dogs or you can sit comfortably on the guide-sled.

Lunch Husky tour

Steer your own sled through a beautiful white landscape or enjoy the scenery and power of the dogs sitting on the sled. Half-way we stop for a tasty outdoor lunch.

Full day husky tour

An active full-day of dogsledding! Drive your own dogteam through snow covered forests and over frozen lakes. Half-way we will have a nice lunch over a campfire. Enjoy the pure silence of Lapland!

Husky Snowshoe walk

With snowshoes we can walk more easily through the deep snow. And what is better than to share this experience with human’s best friend. If you want you can get a belly-belt and your ‘own’ husky.

Dogsledding + Snowshow walk

Enjoy a dogsledding adventure through winter wonderland in the morning. After a warm lunch inside we take some happy dogs out for a snowshoe walk.